Different ways of how to build a patio

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Before talking about how to build a patio, let us first know what exactly a patio is. A patio is an outdoor space usually open and having no wall or enclosure. It could be attached to the front door or the back door of the house. It is a big enough area where one can easily move around and relax and sometimes it may have tables, chairs or plants surrounding it. It can also be referred to as a courtyard and is a typically paved area between a residence and a garden. It is made up of concrete, stone, gravel, brick, tiles and numerous other materials.

Building a patio

This How to build a patio is a step by step process. Patios can be of different designs and features like sand-based patio, a patio with pavers, a stone or brick patio, a raised patio, a patio deck and a wood patio. Let us talk about how to build a patio of brick. Before starting with the step by step process first we must ensure that the place where we are going to make a patio has no buried electrical, gas or plumbing lines because if we will dig that place the lines may get damaged. To build a large patio it must also be kept in mind that the patio must have a slight slope away from the house to ensure proper drainage.

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Some materials used to build a brick patio are brick pavers, landscape fabric, 6- inch landscape spikes, a ton of stone dust,2 pipes, strings, a 2×4 inch board for creating a screed, nails, level, rubber mallet, plate compactor, shovels and rakes, push brooms, sod lifter and wet saw. Starting with the process of building brick patios first remove all the grasses using a sod lifter and then using the shovels and the rakes level the dust of the patio area. After then lay down the landscape fabric to hold it in place with the landscape spikes. Then by using the screed we will fill the area with a 2-inch layer of stone dust in 5-foot sections and then compact the space with the plate compactor. Repeat the process for two more times. Now to create a center line, we have to drive the nails to either side of the middle of the patio and then stretch the string between the two nails. Now lay all the pavers and use rubber mallet to lay each paver in place and lastly spread stone dust on the entire patio.

Sprucing the patios

There are various ways how to build a patio that is different and beautiful. Some of the ways are like adding water to the patio that would add peace to the environment, planting shady trees like hostas and caladiums around the patios, using stylish and colorful rugs, using wagons and making it decorative holder for keeping the plants, creating privacy by using pergola and many other ways. Thus how to build a patio is an expensive job and there are various ideas to spruce our patio.


Learning how to build a patio

Having knowledge of how to build a patio can be helpful in improving the both home value and family’s enjoyment for the space. Using the brick pavers in spite of concrete is wise choice. This can make less installation permanently in case anyone or a future buyer of the home wants to bring the change. Pavers are very easier for installing than any other type of hardscaping material which allows starting having an enjoyment of new patio very sooner. For inexperienced installers using the dry sands bed with no any mortar is considered to be the best of all. This may accommodate slight installations mistakes and yards which are not completely at the level.

Equipments required for how to build a patio: 

There are several materials or equipments that are required for how to build a patio. These includes measuring tape, wooden stakes, rubber mallet, chalk line, shovel, wheel barrow, gravel, rake, sand, pavers and garden hose.

how to build a patio

Instructions for how to build a patio: 

When anyone wants to include a stone into the landscape by creating a patio among pavers, it is an easiest way for enhancing entire yard. Whether one wants to use any inexpensive stone like brick or incorporating colors into a landscape with the flagstone, the patio looks limitedly by preferences ad creativity. The most significant step in process of how to build a patio is preparation stage. Once one is ready for laying down pavers then the project takes only a short interval of time for its completion. There are some instructions for how to build a patio. These are the step by step process which needs to be followed accordingly. At first, mapping out an area where one wants to plot the patio and sketching the area on any piece of the graph paper. During the planning process of patio site consider the surrounding fixed with existing plants and water features like pond or pool and any walkways or driveways around this area. Secondly placing garden hose and other materials around an exact location one wants the patio. Marking the ground by using cans of spray paints over at least about 8 inches at outer side of an area in order to create guidelines for patio excavation. Thirdly removing the soil within an area which is marked. Using a shovel for digging out dirt for about 6-8 inches to accommodate paving stones. Removing any grass or plants within an area and transplanting them. The excavation depth is needed to accommodate thickness of a paving stone or brick with the layers of gravel. Further, grading the soils with 2 by 4 posts away from house for promoting the water drainage. Grading the soil in desired directions so as to keep the water running off into the designated areas. Now filling an entire excavated area with the gravel deeply at 4 inches. Using a rake for distributing it into the uniform thickness. Use of crushing stones, gravel or limestone is an ideal material. Spreading thin layers of sand at about ¼ inch. Using 2 by 4 posts to ensure that the grade has been sloping from the house. These all are the fundamental steps taken for how to build a patio in one’s land area.